Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teen Mom! I missed you!

I am ashamed to admit I totally forgot Teen Mom was premiering last night until I went to a friend's house for wine and dinner and he reminded me.  So we curled up with some ice cream and raw cookie dough and dug in for another season of Teen Mom amazingness.  Quick thoughts on each mom, coming up:

1. Yo, Amber and Gary: "The heat of the moment"?  Did you not figure out what got you pregnant the last time around?  I know it might be hard to find a condom with all the lounging Gary's doing, but seriously.  Wrap that up.  Or visit a happy place called Planned Parenthood and get thee on the pill.  While Leah is the cutest baby on the show (closely followed by Bentley), I don't really want to see you guys have another one.

2. Break my heart, Catelynn and Tyler.  BREAK MY HEART.  Seriously.  Seeing that one lone tear roll down Tyler's face when he said "I just miss my daughter" turned my stomach inside out.  And Catelynn having to move back to the House of Mullet...those poor kids.  I hope they can make their relationship work long-term because he's such a good guy.  I totally agree with Tyler's mom for asking Catelynn to leave, though; regardless of what they've been through I don't think teenagers in a relationship should live together.

3. Maci: YOU GO GIRL.  Way to take that loser Ryan's ass to court for refusing to pay child support.  She seems to be the mom who has it the most together - but she also seems to have the most supportive family.  It's refreshing to see a teenage girl on this show standing up to one of these asshole boyfriends.  And according to US Weekly she has a new, fantastic boyfriend, so I'm interested to see how that dynamic plays out.

4. Farrah.  Farrah, Farrah, Farrah.  Your mom had no right to hit you, but you are the most irritating person ever, and I think a cat is probably a better mother then you are.  Pick up that screaming, crying baby and put her to bed instead of yelling at her to "stop crying."  I want to feel bad for you, but you and your mom are so insufferable, I can't.  I'm intrigued by the season preview showing her finally talking about her baby daddy - it's never been dealt with on the show, but Sophia's father was killed in a car accident shortly before or after Sophia was born, I can't remember which.  I think exploring that would make Farrah way more sympathetic.

I am so excited to have this show back.  Wahoo!