Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OMG I know

It's been so long I've let my domain name expire.  Update thy bookmarks, sayeth the Lord, to this thy free blogspot address.

ANYWAY so here's what I'm loving in a too-many-Skittles-my-teeth-feel-gritty-kind-of-way:

1. Real Housewives of Orange County: the First Ladies of Bravo are officially caricatures of themselves.  I love it.  There's so much Botox barely contained in their foreheads I feel like someone's face is going to explode and it's going to be all over my living room.

   a) Did we really have to see Tamra and her vaguely hunky boyfriend boning in the bathtub?

   b) Does anyone believe Gretchen and Slade are really together?

   c) Is anyone else sad knowing that Vicky and Donn have split up?

   d) Brilliant editing during Alexis's family trip to San Diego.  "I love that my husband is the king of the castle!" juxtaposed with eye roll over getting the king more toast.  I like to picture 50-something dudes editing Real Housewives while drinking heavily.

2. Bethenny Ever After: obviously I love Bethenny, but who I'm really loving is Jason.  Like, I want to marry him.  He's fan-freaking-tastic.

3. Amazing Race: Unfinished Business.  Look, anything that brings back the Cowboys and the Globetrotters in the same hour of TV is fine by me.  Some of the challenges have been a little lame, but overall, I'm having an absolute blast watching this season.

4. Sister Wives.  This falls into the can't-look-away-category for me.  And for my mom and half of my friends, because during the whole show we're shooting text messages back and forth like:

"EW Jenelle's mom is Kody's dad's second wife?"
"How does Kody get away with a two seater sportscar when he's the dad of 19 kids?"
"Dude.  What the f*ck is wrong with these people."

Look, you can go on and on about how great it is to have all of these women around to support you and share a household with, that's fine.  But you can do that without all boning the same guy.  See: The Golden Girls.

5. Teen Mom 2.  I cried during Corey and Leah's wedding.  What?  Don't look at me like that.  It's normal!  It's perfectly normal!

6. Top Model.  I'm getting back into it this season.  Bitchy Alexandria and Louise Brooks lookalike Brittani are totally doing it for me.  FIERCE.

So I'm going to try harder at this whole blogging thing.  If I'm going to watch all this crappy TV, I might as well do something with it.  And since my only "good" TV show, Mad Men, isn't going to be back for like eighty billion thousand years, this is what I'm stuck with...